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Thoughts of a youngster


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Values Not Money

This thing the world orbits
I cannot fathom
How we prioritised it over everything
Looking back and looking forth
We ignore values
We’re all focused on this one thing
Pieces of crisp coloured paper
Digits displayed on a screen
Life in itself is short
What we can do, we do
What we can’t, let go
Why will this be a source of social boundary
How could you wait for paper to save life
Was a time I had no dough
“Friends” sold chow
Mounted my bed
On an empty stomach
I just looked at the ceiling
And gave myself hope
This thing’s the condition for everything
Right now I’m not free to love
’cause I’m bound by it
Wish it could go back to start
There’s no time for blame
It’s the synergy and love
That we need right now
It’s a strong will to defeat we require
A stronger bond than in solids I yearn for
The determination to preserve order
Sick of the absence of joy
Sick of the thirst for blood
The silence in weakness exasperating


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